UX can be deciphered by the English term User eXperience, or translated user experience. That's exactly what UX is about.

What is UX?

Probably everyone will probably ever meet on the Internet sites, the layout of which was extremely chaotic and too complicated. Instead of one click, you had to do four. The icons were unreasonably small and still dodging. This is exactly what UX is trying to eliminate. But this is a complete beginning.

A capable UX designer goes much further. It must empathize with the thinking of the user, site visitor or shopper in the e-shop and make his stay on the website or in the application as pleasant as possible. UX also deals with the layout of individual elements to meet the user's requirements and goals.

At the same time, however, UX works with available technology. It is thus a kind of bridge between the technology and the user, which will then control them.

UX is closely related to the user interface, or UI.