Any website, including online store, needs to be upgraded to some of the images. Alternatively, offer downloadable files to visitors. Here's how to insert the image into product . This is the same for articles, pages, and other modules.

In the Product Detail, navigate to the Images section . It is either empty or already contains some embedded images.

Add a new image using

File Manager opens (the module is located in the left menu under Files). From it, you can select the already uploaded image. You can add an image using

Upload a new file

Most of all, you need to upload a new file from your computer to your file manager. Then, click Add files or drag your files to manager .

The selected files are loaded into the file manager. Now just start recording .

Insert the uploaded files into the product by clicking Add image .

Folders in File Manager

You can add files to the different folders shown in the left column. Simply click the folder name and start adding pictures. You have the option to add subfolders , edit and delete folders.

All images are automatically reduced to maximum height or 1000px width . Only images uploaded to graphics (and its subfolders) do not diminish and do not compress again. It is used to insert images into graphics - such as banners.

Image Types

Mark them with a check mark at the bottom of the picture box.


The image is displayed in the detail of the page. This is a larger, separate image below the main heading. Click to zoom in to a large format.

For a list

The image that appears in the lists. E.g. in the product preview in the product list, article preview, or subcategory.

Photo Gallery and Other Images

If the image is not marked as a main or a list, it will be added to the photo gallery or, in the case of the product, to the other pictures. Clicking on an enlarged image format will appear.

Image as part of text

You can also paste the image directly into the text using Paste / Edit Image in text editor. The drawback is that such a picture can not be clicked into detail, and its dimensions must be customized to suit the page size (the system does not automatically modify it).

In terms of SEO optimization, it's a good idea to fill in the caption and the image title . Include them in order to easily index the search engines.