Upgates changes the price list. We reduce the most popular tariffs

Upgates is changing their price list. But you don't have to be afraid. While everything around us is becoming more expensive, we have adjusted our tariffs, which is more pleasant for e-shoppers. We have decided to reduce the price of the most popular tariffs. Due to changes in the price list, most of our e-shops will pay less for a monthly rental. At the same time, our basic philosophy, which is the availability of all system functions in all tariffs, remains unchanged. We also give you plenty of time to think about which tariff to choose. The new price list will take effect on July 1, 2022 , and you can use the current plan for another year .

Bronze Tariff

The price of the tariff remains the same. That is 19 EUR a month. However, we decided to adjust the maximum number of products with great demand. Up to 100 products will now be available for the Bronze tariff. Many e-shoppers who now use Silver due to the number of products can now switch to the basic Bronze tariff. We are also expanding the available storage to 3 GB for our cheapest tariff. It will also be possible to operate up to 3 email accounts in this tariff. What remains is a limit on 1 language and 1 user.

Silver Tariff

We are reducing the price of the Silver tariff to 49 EUR. However, Silver will be restricted to 2 languages ​​ and 5 users . We're increasing the available storage to 5 GB , and 5 email inboxes will still be available. Most of our e-shops with the Silver tariff use one or two languages. Therefore, we decided to adjust the conditions, which will reduce the total price of the tariff for most e-shoppers without having to adjust the total number of products. A larger number of languages ​​also means a significant load on our servers. After lowering the language limit, we were able to reduce the final price of the tariff.

Tariff Gold

The price of the Gold tariff will also be more pleasant with the new price list. The tariff will now cost 69 EUR per month . However, due to capacity reasons, we are reducing the number of available products from 10,000 to 5,000 . It will also be possible to use 5 languages ​​ in the plan. We increase the amount of available storage to 10 GB . 10 email boxes and an unlimited number of users remain. With the popular Gold tariff, we wanted to primarily reduce the total rental price and at the same time not limit most clients. Thanks to the reduction in requirements for our servers, which we achieved by reducing the number of products, we can also reduce the price of a monthly rent.

Platinum Tariff

Our highest tariff is the only one whose price increases. It will now be available for 139 EUR crowns per month, and will offer up to 50,000 products . At the same time, we're increasing storage to 15GB . Everything else, emails, number of users, and languages, remains unlimited . With the Platinum tariff, on the other hand, we wanted to meet the most demanding clients. They often require support for a very large number of products and unlimited freedom in other parameters. Therefore, in exchange for a slight increase in price, we substantially increase the product limit.

All prices are without VAT.

When do I have to switch to the new tariff?

If you like the new price list, you can change the tariff on the first day of the new price list. If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay with the current conditions, we'll allow you to do so for another year, as your current plan may remain in effect until July 1, 2023 . After this date, the transition to the new price list will take place even for clients who have kept the original tariff. You will automatically receive the most advantageous tariff that meets the parameters of your e-shop. We'll let you know in advance.

Conversely, if, for example, you reach the product limit and want to increase your tariff, you'll need to choose from a new price list. The way back to the original tariff then no longer exists. Newly registered e-shops will only be based on the new tariffs.

The new price list will be active from 1.7.2022


I have 70 products and currently use the Silver


There is nothing stopping you from switching to the new price list, where you can make do with the Bronze tariff for 19 EUR a month. But you have to reckon with the fact that you will be able to use only one language in the e-shop. For example, if you want to start selling in Slovakia, you must stay on the Silver tariff.

You have three options. You will either stay on the old tariff and nothing will change for you all year round, or you will switch to the new tariffs. If you choose the new Silver, you will need to delete one language. However, the total rental price will be cheaper. Alternatively, you can switch to the new Gold tariff and keep everything the same.

I stayed on the old Silver tariff but I need to increase the number of products to 2,000

Now we move to the near future. The new tariffs have been in force for several months and you have decided to stay with the original Silver tariff. But now you want to expand your e-shop with another 1,200 products. The only option is to switch to the new tariffs, ie the updated Gold tariff. This closes the way back to the old tariff.

I have an e-shop with 50,000 products on another platform that does not guarantee a high number of products

Now you can easily switch to Upgates. We can guarantee the smooth running of your e-shop with up to 50,000 products.

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