The tag bears the value that you set up somewhere in the online store administration. For example, if you place the tag in the body of a document or system email , it will be displayed instead.

Example: The online store operator address has the {! $ billing_address} tag and can be inserted here. Set it to Settings / General / Operator . In the detail of the document above the text box, you will find a list of usable tags (see picture below). You simply type the mark into the text box. It should be written exactly as prescribed in the tag list (including square brackets) otherwise the value will not be displayed after the document is sent.


If the value tag in the change tag (in this case you change the online store address in Settings / Operator ) generate in all new documents.

What to watch out for?

Brands are sometimes wrapped in so-called conditional tags {if ...} ... {/ if} and you also need to remove them (start and end tags). You may encounter an error if you make a mistake here.