System update version 31.1

In this update, we bring you a new version of the Marketplace and regular system optimizations and fixes functions.


New version of Add-on Marketplace

The main change of this update is the new version of Marketplace, which not only transitions to our own domain (url address), but it changed mainly for our partner agencies.

What's new from the customer's point of view?

  • New add-ons view
  • Filtering of add-ons by services
  • Easy to distinguish verified add-ons developed by Upgates

New add-ons view

The add-ons that you see in the administration were previously thought of only as a "mention" of the possibility of a given connection, and it was thus impossible to distinguish which agencies are actually working on their add-ons and those that only mention that they can do such a thing, but the implementation you have to deal with them completely externally.
Additions are now divided into 3 categories:

  • Add-on created by a partner agency

    • Addons created by an agency are addons that have actually been created by an agency and their addon is available directly in your administration with the Activate button. Such a connection will be activated for you immediately and will link your administration with the given agency add-on.
      You can recognize a verified add-on not only thanks to the activate button, but it must also have a special icon next to its name.
      - A verified add-on means , that the agency not only tested its add-on on its side, but also passed testing on the Upgates side.
    • Such activated add-ons will not even be subject to the upcoming API charges. Our partner agencies that own such an add-on will continue to have API communication for free. So if you are currently using API communication and your add-on is currently not seen as verified. Contact him and inform him to switch to this verification.

  • Add-on connecting some service

    • Addons offering "only" some link to a certain service, but this link does not belong to the given agency, are now displayed with this new service icon link style. 
      For example, in this case we see that although there is a connection to Balíkovna, but the parcel house did not create this connection, because the Balíkovna and Upgates icons are connected here.
    • The company / agency that created this connection is subsequently written under such an addition.
    • If such an add-on is created by Upgates, the add-on is automatically Verified.

  • Links offered by the Agency

    • Agencies that only offer such a link, but have not passed our testing and do not fall under the free API link are shown in this style of icon link, without the "verified" label, and have a gray label of the agency, or information that it only offers the connection through the marketplace completely aside from the functioning of Upgates.

Sort by services

Each agency can specify for its add-on exactly what services it connects. The service here means a connection to a certain "brand" (company - Zásilkovna, Česká pošta, etc..). This creates a large offer of services for you, which can be seen immediately with one click, and you no longer have to find out whether the ABC add-on enables the service you need to connect.
Now the system is reversed and you can see the final add-on exactly according to the filtered service. The possibility of an additional search on the agency's website to see if it offers the service you need is no longer available.

New variables

  • A new variable was added for system emails (order type).$product['configurations_detail']
  • We have added a new variable {$product['type']} to the Settings / Orders / Documents - Order

This variable {$product['type']} defines the item type.
Possible types:

- product - Product (including gift with order)
- set - A product that is made up of a set
- set_part - The product that is included in the set
- gift - Product gift
- discount - discount

Example with 1+1 free product


Customer identification for Goods and Glass

At the beginning of 2025, Sklik expects a change in the functioning of browsers and the collection of 3rd party cookies, which may be blocked and thus prevent the collection of information about the end visitor of the page.

Visitor identification is handled in Upgates by the Email address of the visitor, which the list prefers. Learn morein our help.

Pohoda - VAT Breakdown

As part of feedback, we have added the option to specify values ​​for VAT Membership when transferring to Pohoda.We preset the default values ​​as we sent them in the transmission.
We recommend that you intervene in these fields only if you really need to make these changes.

Balíkobot - List of carriers

We have updated the list of carriers that can be set within the connection with Balíkobot. You can find the list at addon detail.
The updated list is now also written into the administration and selection field in transport.

Meterage - Field validation Selection from options

In the product detail of the Description / Main - Quantity section, it is possible to set the stepping to the value Selection from options. However, it was possible to write values ​​into the option field along with text, which subsequently broke the very operation of the option selection function. This field is systemically set to count only with the possibility of values ​​in the form of a number.
Now it will be possible to enter only those values ​​that contain 0-9, a period and a comma.

However, in order to ensure that you can also enter a unit in the value, we have also added a checkbox that determines whether the given value will have an added unit, or whether it will only be displayed as a value without a unit, which will be specified in the parameter name .

New 4.2 template directory structure.

For Template Code Editor 4.2. the directory structure has been changed in order to achieve better orientation in individual files.
You or your coder can find more information in the articleChangelog 4.2.
Now you can also use relative URLs.

Internal shipping information in orders

In the list of orders, when hovering the mouse over the name of the transport, the internal information about the selected transport, which you filled in for the transport, will now be displayed.

Faster loading of branch list

If you have entered too many branches for shipping, it is possible that you have recorded slower loading of that list in the order. Now after the optimization, the given loading should be much faster.

Contacts - Loyalty Points

Based on feedback, we have also displayed the number of loyalty points for customers who are only contact type. Collecting these points for contacts has been retained. Therefore, if the customer registers after a longer period of time under the same email address that he used to shop with before without registration, he will gain access to these loyalty codes.

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