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Thanks to completely redesigned sets, you can offer customers full sets of products. Kits now function as a separate (parent) product that contains specific items. These are now correctly subtracted from the inventory. Thanks to sets, you make it easier for your customers to buy discounted sets or products that consist of several components.

Discounted 2+1 offers

Boost sales with a smart gift offer when a certain number of products are purchased. The new feature can be configured for any number of products (X+Y). At the same time, these products will be correctly deducted from your warehouse.

Special offers with free or discounted product

In addition to offering customers a discounted 2+1 product (and similar), you can also motivate them to buy by offering an additional product for free or at a discount. A gift and a free product differ in terms of legislation, so it is up to you which of the two methods you use.

Sort by availability

Based on your numerous suggestions, we have developed the availability sorting function, which will show customers the products in stock first. This way, you will immediately interest your visitors with items that you can actually deliver.

Recurring Payments

Thanks to the new recurring payments function, you no longer have to worry about the status of your e-shop wallet. With just a few clicks, you can establish a simple rule based on which your wallet will be topped up regularly. This will prevent you from accidentally draining your wallet and suspending your e-shop.

Smart choice

This function will save you a lot of time when managing your e-shop. Thanks to the so-called smart selections, you can easily modify or create new options. For example, within availability or units. We will gradually expand smart selections to other places in the e-shop administration.

Image editor

You can now edit product photos and other images directly in the e-shop administration. You can crop the images, add a description, apply a filter, or perhaps add a mask.


You can find more detailed information on the page "News in Designer", where it will also be newly led Changelog of changes made for graphic templates since version 4.0.


Post office - connection via API

We have prepared an API connection for Zásilkovna, which will allow you to send orders to Zásilkovna directly from the e-shop administration, print labels and more. More here. - branch networks

Loading delivery points of the branch network. More here.

GLS - branch type distribution

With the GLS carrier, you can now choose which type of branches should be offered to customers to choose from. Parcel Shop or Parcel Box or a combination of both are available.

PPL - branch type distribution

With the PPL carrier, you can choose which type of branches should be offered to customers to choose from. Parcelshop or Parcelbox, or a combination of both, are available.


Quick menu of order statuses in their list

The list of orders offers separate buttons for quickly filtering individual order statuses. More here.

Search by customer note in order list

In the list of orders, you can search according to the note to the customer, which is entered in the detail of a specific customer in the field Note. You need to activate in the list of orders column Note to customer. More here.

Duplication directly in the order list

The order can now be duplicated directly in the list of orders, there is no need to go to its detail. More here.


Price history

For products and variants, their prices are stored for the last 30 days. More here.

Mass modification of variants

For variants, it is possible to use mass editing to change their data, similar to mass editing of products. More here.

Product list - search by short and long description

In the product list it is now possible to search by content in short and long product descriptions. These options are available in advanced filters - more here.

Dynamic filters

On the e-shop pages, the number of items containing the given parameter is displayed for individual checkbox-type filters. By selecting values in the filter, items are dynamically filtered. This function is available from graphic templates version 4.0 (more here).

Prioritize products in stock

In the list of products on the website of the e-shop, you can set the preference for products in stock. More here.

Price entry for filtering products on the e-shop

In the price slider for filtering in the product list, exact amounts can now be entered for easier selection of the desired spectrum. This function is available from graphic templates version 4.0 (more here).

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Statistics - turnover by order status

In the Statistics section, it is now possible to filter according to the specific status of orders and whether they are marked as resolved. These filters are available under Advanced. More here.

Labels - turn off and on in mobile view

Disable/enable option for certain responsive display of labels in product list. This function is available from graphic templates version 4.0 (more here).

Language mutation flags in mobile view

Language mutation flags can now be seen in the header of the e-shop as well as in the mobile view. There is no need to open the left menu to view them. This function is available from graphic templates version 4.0 (more here).

Displaying the variant code on the e-shop

The variant code can now be displayed in the product details on the e-shop pages. This function is available from graphic templates version 4.0 (more here).

Note on the complete order button

Use the finish-order-note translation to add a text note (with text formatting) below the finish order button. This function is available from graphic templates version 4.0 (more here).

Simplifying the process of uploading images and documents to the e-shop

The file manager now enables easier uploading of content (images/documents) to the e-shop administration. More here.

Generating barcodes into documents

Automatically generated product barcodes can be inserted in Order documents as well as in your own documents. More here.

Filtering customers without a set group

In the list of customers, you can filter customers without a set customer group. This option is available in advanced filters - more here.

Editing system emails via the code editor

The email content can be edited using the code editor. In this case, modifications are made directly in the HTML code. More here.

Feed Google Shopping - backorder availability

The availability of backorder can be set for products generated in the Google Shopping feed. More here.

Price settings for conversion codes

For the conversion codes integrated in our system, you can choose whether prices with or without VAT will be sent to external services. More here.

Repeat one-time import

For completed one-time imports, you will be offered the option to repeat the given import using the Start now button. More here.

Payment button in customer account

In the customer account, next to the list of orders, a button to pay is displayed for orders that have a payment method via a payment gateway and have not yet been paid. Originally, the link was only in the order detail.

Customer discount in the header of the e-shop page

If the logged-in customer has been assigned a default price list with a 0% discount, then information about the price list will not be displayed in the header of the page. This feature is available from graphic templates version 4.0 (more here).

Modifying variables for CSS

Editingvariables for system styles from the_variables.scss file can now be done using the _variables-custom.scss file. More here.

This feature is available from graphic templates version 4.0 (more here).

Creating files and folders in the code editor

In the code editor, it is possible to create your own (sub)folders and .phtml files in the Templates folder. More here.

Deactivation of EET

All functionalities related to the discontinued EET mode have been removed from the system.


Establishing a price list via API

The possibility to create a price list in the e-shop via the API interface. More here.

Administration of transport branches via API

It is now possible to work with transport branches via the API interface. You can view their list and also add and delete branches. More here.

Expanding Product Capabilities in API

New options can be used with the product:

  • Update EAN.
  • Update labels.
  • Update of product texts.
  • Get a list of products with files only.
  • Work with product ratings and reviews.

All details can be found in our API documentation. More here.

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