System update version 24

New features

One Stop Shop Mode (OSS)

We have included changes related to the One Stop Shop (OSS) mode in the e-shop system, which now affect international orders. We've adjusted the VAT settings for each country, and customers can easily choose the country of delivery (available from Designer version 3.7, additional info).


Recycling fees - new interface

The system of recycling fees now has its own section in the e-shop administration, where they can be easily managed. The recycling fee is now assigned to the product in the Prices section (additional info).

Products included in the Shipment group

The Shipment group section shows the number of products that are assigned to it.

By clicking on this number, you will be redirected to the list of products, where these products will be automatically filtered (additional info).

Extended import options

Additional parameters can be newly entered in the URL of the import source (additional info). For imports from temporary FTP, it is now possible to use the source file from this FTP (additional info).

One-time export of orders to HTML

In the list of orders, it is possible to export selected orders once to HTML format (additional info).

New options in the Edit mode

In the Edit mode, new options are available for quick edits in selected columns that have not yet been possible (additional info).

Enhanced search exclusion options

You can now exclude news and advisors from the search. You can now set up bulk edits in selected sections (additional info).

New dynamic conversion code variables

We have prepared new dynamic variables for conversion codes that you can use in your scripts (additional info).

Existing dynamic variables will be operational for the next 3 months from this update. During that time, you need to modify the scripts for new dynamic variables (additional info).

Display of a parameter in the product detail

For the parameter, it is possible to set whether it should be displayed in the product detail (in the long description). The function is available from Designer version 3.7 (additional info).

Extended options for merging orders

While merging orders, shipping and payment methods are now also merged, as long as they are the same for all of the merged orders. An order document is automatically generated from the merged business case (additional info).

Color settings and icons for the Availabilities

You can set a specific color and icon for each of the product availability. The function is available from Designer version 3.7 (additional info).

List of products below stock limit

In the Products section, there is a subcategory Warehouse below the limit with a number indicating how many products are currently below the set limit (additional info).

Image size settings for emailing

In the administration, it is possible to set the width of the product image in pixels, according to which the product images will be generated in the emailing template (additional info).

Display of the categories when duplicating menus

During the active duplication of the menu on the e-shop, the display of categories in the e-shop administration was modified. In the list of categories in the Categories section, both menus will be merged into one (additional info).

Separate access data for languages ​​at TatraPay and CardPay gateways

For TatraPay and CardPay payment gateways, it is now possible to enter separate access data for individual language versions of the e-shop.

Loading the order at the Cash register

You can load already created orders at the Cash register and pay for them directly in cash or by card (additional info).


Google Tag Manager

Possibility of easy automated connection using Google Tag Manager (GTM). It allows you to connect all Google services using one connection (additional info).

What's new in Designer version 3.7

You can find all the news contained in the new version of the Designer in detail in the article here.


  • Custom image and abbreviation for the e-shop language - it is possible to upload your own image and abbreviation to the language (available from Designer version 3.7, additional info).
  • Adding a note to the installment calculator - using the translation installment-calculator-note you can add a note next to the link to the installment calculator in the product detail (available from Designer version 3.7, additional info).
  • Option to hide prices for the unregistered customers - In the Designer module it is possible to hide the price Unregistered customer. This price is displayed to registered customers if they have a price list discount set compared to the unregistered customers (available from Designer version 3.7, additional info).
  • Enlarging the main image of the product in the mobile view - enlarging the main image of the product is now also possible in the mobile view (available from Designer version 3.7, additional info).
  • Option to hide data for payment by a bank transfer - in the e-shop administration it is possible to set whether after completion of the order with payment by bank transfer the customer will see data for payment by bank transfer (available from Designer version 3.7, additional info).
  • Option to turn off the Bestsellers section - in the e-shop administration, it is possible to select whether the Bestsellers section should be displayed for selected pages. Moved from Custom Fields (additional info).
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