System update version 23

New features

Designer - automatic bug fixes in designer graphics (from Designer version 3.0)

The system now fixes bugs in e-shop graphics. Repairs are implemented in the Designer module automatically. Graphics for which the Designer module is turned off and the advanced options of the Code Editor are not corrected. Automatic corrections also occur on graphics flipped to a sharp domain. However, these changes will not take effect until the graphics are further flipped to a sharp domain (Graphics / Finalization).

Graphics backups

A universal graphics backup page from Designer and Code Editor is now available. Custom backups can be created as before. Automatic system backups occur when:

  • Flip to a sharp domain
  • Switch to the new version of Designer
  • Switch to the Code Editor from Designer
  • Switch to Designer from the Code Editor

Turn off Designer and turn on advanced Code Editor options

It is no longer necessary to contact support to turn off the Designer and turn on the Code Editor. Users can switch themselves, and the graphics will be backed up automatically when they switch. Disabling the Designer module and enabling the Code Editor is active only if the e-shop has funds deposited in the Wallet.

Discount coupon feature extension

A discount coupon can be automatically generated in the system email. A new discount coupon for free shipping has been added. In coupons imported in CSV, you can now set whether the coupon can be applied in action or not and specify which products can be applied for (category restrictions).

3D gallery (from Designer version 3.6)

You can use a new predefined custom 3D gallery field (gallery3d key) for the product. A plugin can be inserted into it, eg in the form of an iframe, with the content of a 3D visualization of the given product. In the product detail below the main image, a 360 ° icon will appear in the list of other images in the second position. Click to see the contents of the custom 3D Gallery field.

Custom picture and shortcut for the language (from Designer version 3.6)

In the language settings it is now possible to add a custom picture and shortcut for each language.

Optimization of the selection of variants in the product detail (from Designer 3.6)

When selecting product variants, only the first selection field is displayed. Others do not open until selected in the previous one. Limits the selection option, where only existing combinations can be selected in variations.

Adults only

In the Advanced section of the product, the Adult Only feature has been added. This mark is used for identification in exports to Balíkobot, Mergada and Google Shopping, where marking is required.

Restrictions on ordering goods on sale

Similar functionality to Order Restrictions, but for products that have a Sale label.

Set up alternate availability when the product is sold out

With automatic availability active according to stock status, you now have the option to set an alternative availability in case the product is not in stock.

Turn off automatic stocking based on stock availability for a specific product

In the product detail in the Main section, you now have the option to exclude a specific product from the automatic determination of stock status according to stock availability. This option only appears if automatic inventory availability is turned on.


Full-text search in administration

You can now search in the e-shop administration according to the name of individual sections. You can quickly add new items and easily click on help for each feature.

Bulk edit categories

Create a module for bulk editing of selected categories. Editing options will be added gradually.



Lemonero will give you smart financing for your e-shop. You don't need any financial statements, financing is secure and easy and online.

The service is currently in BETA version. We will inform you about its sharp launch. In the Upgates administration, the link will not appear until a few working days after this update.


A new payment gateway ThePay  has been connected, allowing card payments and fast bank transfers. The payment gateway is implemented according to the new documentation as with the first Czech e-shop system.


We have connected the most used SEO tool in the Czech Republic, Collabim, which has been helping thousands of e-shops and marketing specialists for over 10 years. You can find out more about how to easily connect the Upgates e-shop with Collabi in the administration in the help here.


Through an external programmer and integrator, we now offer the connection of the information system HELIOS Orange.

Abandoned Baskets API extension

What's new in Designer

For all the news and modifications in the Designer graphical configurator version 3.6, see the article here.


  • Main text to e-shop pages hitherto missing.
  • Upload your own image / language flag.
  • Display a label for a VAT price - A new setting option will appear in the price list settings detail if you select Highlight price on VAT e-shop. You can now specify whether you also want to display the "with VAT" label. Additionally, when you hover over this label, the amount excluding VAT will appear in the bubble.
  • Option to save a list discount of up to two decimal places.
  • Display the configuration group name in the e-shop.
  • Move the redirect section under Marketing.
  • Enlarge the product image - Ability to zoom in on the product image when you hover over the image in the product detail. Globally can be set in Settings / Products / Advanced.
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