System update version 22

New features

Cash register system

Complete cash register system with the option to purchase and easily create an order from the administration.

Purchase Add-ons (as of Designer 3.4)

Ability to add more products to the cart in the cart. 

Recently visited products (since Designer 3.4)

Displays customers at the bottom of the e-shop permanently slider. This shows the products whose detail the customer has viewed in the last 24 hours.

View e-shop users only logged in (as of Designer 3.4)

Edit the Private Pages feature. Currently, the option to set all pages except those listed to be displayed to unlogged-in users. Newly, it will be possible to add settings where all pages except those listed will not be displayed to the unlogged. If you are not logged in to the content, you will be redirected to logging in or registering a customer account. Possibility to set separately for individual language versions. 

In-product articles and vice versa (as of Designer 3.4)

Articles, news and advice located in the product detail. At the same time, the ability to systematically display products in the detail of articles, news and advice.

Product lists by custom labels (as of Designer 3.4)

Added additional product list options based on custom labels created by the administrator.

New Links

Payment gateways (from Designer version 4.0)


  • Biano
  • Koloo
  • Modio

What's new in Designer version 3.4

You can find all the news in the new version of the Designer in detail in the article here.


Set domain to language and set SSL certificate to domain alias

The user will be able to set the domain to the language and the SSL certificate to the domain alias himself in his e-shop administration.

Export and import of translations

Possibility to export translations of the language version into .po format. Editing in a translation editor and subsequent import. Thus, it will no longer be necessary to apply for the export and import of translations via a ticket in the e-shop administration.

Upload svg images and video format

Allows you to add a video image to a product, article, or category gallery. The user now has the option to insert video or svg files into the file manager.

Automatics linked to order status - payment, outstanding

The user can now follow up on the selected order status as "completed". A flag will appear next to the order for clarity.

Store settings - social networking, company logo, opening hours, etc. (as of Designer 3.4)

New social network settings from version 4.0 of Designa 4.0 in the e-shop administration. In the same way, the new logo and favicon settings are also performed in the administration and not in the Designer module.

Rewrite SEO URLs

The SEO address of the created page (product, category, etc.) is now firmly inserted in the SEO section following the page name. When changing the page name, the SEO URL remains the same unless changed manually.

Recycle Bin for deleting files in File Manager and making a folder of unused files available

Recently created trash for deleted files in the file manager. The capacity of files in the Recycle Bin does not count towards the total capacity. Deleted files last in the Recycle Bin for 14 days and are then deletedpermanently. The Unused folder is newly made available to users. Contains files that have no links on the system. However, the system does not detect a link to the text editor. These can be images that are in the text of the description or, for example, in articles.

GDPR and security

New cookie bar (since Designer 3.4)

Modify the existing cookies bar according to current requirements. In the cookies pop-up window, the option to reject cookies and tracking for the needs of advertisements, etc. is no longer complied with. 

Verified email addresses

Used to verify that only messages from email addresses for which it is clear that the administrator is indeed owned will be sent from the administration. Created a special module.


  • Set the number of items in product sliders (since Designer 3.4) - Ability to set the maximum number of products to appear in product sliders in the administration - horizontal scroll lists.
  • Sort by code on the frontend section (as of Designer 3.4) - Option to sort by category by code. Once set up, another sorting option will appear in the e-shop.
  • Display price with VAT for wholesale price lists (from Designer version 4.0) - If the currently displayed price list on the e-shop is set to "Highlight prices with VAT", the price with and without VAT is immediately visibly. Not in the tooltip. Wholesale e-shop support.
  • Remove SEO keywords - SEO keywords have not been supported for several years and are not taken into account by search engines. Therefore, the possibility of writing them to the database is canceled. If necessary, we can export existing SEO keoywords listings on request.
  • Product Detail Forms (as of Designer 3.4) - Ability to add a form to any product, not just one that has been disabled for inclusion in the cart. 
  • Display the payment method logo in the footer (as of Designer 3.4)
  • Remove zoom from main photo in product detail - (as of Designer 3.4)
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