System update version 17.1


Validate an email domain

  • Checking email domains and verifying whether they exist or not
  • The new feature is in registration, cart, and newsletter.

Feed Extension for - New Tags

  • Gender
  • Color
  • Categories
  • Sizes
  • CPC

Possibility to identify the XML matching code for and

  • You can now define whether the product will be based on <ITEM_ID> or <PRODUCTNO>


Overview of orders in the customer profile

In the customer orders overview, a malfunction preview (under the magnifying glass button) corrected

  • Correcting Order Grids for Business Cases
  • Correct display of documents directly on the customer profile

Checking and validating data in a shopping cart

  • Correction of ARES data loading in the cart and registration
  • Correction of Company Data Validation after Entering ID

Completing automatic invoice generation for manual flag paid

  • Only works for frontend orders before

Possition change of internal notes

  • An internal business transaction detail note is now moved up to the main box
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