System Update version 17


SMS notification

You can now inform customers about a SMS order. SMS notifications work similarly to system emails. You can create templates and set up automatic sending for selected order states. You can view our SMS here.


Payment for SMS is done by subtracting credit from the wallet at the moment of sending the SMS. Since SMS sending can be set up automatically after a change in order status, always have a sufficient amount of money to avoid sudden credit exhaustion and blocking your eshop.

Metric Editing - Default Value and Multiple Count

You can define a default value for the meter in the administration. However, it will be automatically newly calculated for the customer to the nearest possible value that can be ordered by the customer. In the past, the customer had to enter this manually.

New Pohoda Connector

Enhanced Autostart Connectivity of Pohoda and your online store. Install the new connector in a few clicks. Errors removed from previous versions. Error messages are part of the connector. More detailed information on the new interconnection link here .
New features such as:
  • Return your order back to the eshop.
  • Export Customers from Order to Address Book
  • EU VAT registration.
  • Set default currency.


In the update, we've focused on order clearance in the system . We drew mainly from the suggestions you sent, which we have now projected into the system.

Editing Mode

Once you've enabled editing mode, you can manage some items directly in your order list. You do not have to open the entire order for editing tracking code or mark the order as paid

Tracking packages directly from the order list

Does the customer call you where his package is located? You do not have to click through the details of the order or even look for the package tracking address of the carrier. Simply clickin the order list and immediately know where the package is located.

Customer detail on the first page of the order

All customer contact information on the first page of the order. Everything is clear along with the items on one page. The second tab is still used to edit data.

Quick previews of orders and other documents

From the order list, you can view quick previews of the documents stored on the order. Small number for a magnifying glass means the number of generated documents, a complete list is displayed after the hunt, a specific document will appear after clicking.

Expired GDPR approval filter

You can filter customers with the "Expired" flag in your customer list. You can remove them or request renewal.

Automatic Invoice Generation

Many of you have been asking for the invoice generation function. Now you can automatically generate invoices after you receive your order or after payment.


  • View images in the list of products in the administration moved under the column button
  • Edit Price List Collation.
  • The transport and payment image can be added to the administration (only new designer from version 2.5, new template).
  • View price for configurations.
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