System Update v. 15

New cart

  • Simplified 3-step cart.
  • Payments into blocks.
  • Order recapitulation visible in the right column.
  • Restriction of filled in data.


  • Display the smallest price of the variation and the "price from" in the product list.

Sitemap XML

  • The sitemap settings have been added to the Administration (Sections section).
  • Turn on / off individual sitemaps.
  • Turn on / off images in the sitemap.
  • Set Priority and lastmod.

Sitemap is not generated in realtime.

Filtering in administration

  • Selection of products in the subcategory including all subcategories.
  • Selection of multiple order statuses.

System emails

  • Add a block of products directly to the body of the email.

Import discount coupons

  • Import custom discount coupons using CSV.

Downloading Images and Files from FTP

  • FTP for importing pictures and files.
  • You import only the name of the file on FTP.
  • After successfully importing, the files are automatically deleted.

Number series of category codes

  • New categories are assigned the code automatically according to the number series.
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