System update version 21

New features


Monitoring product availability. E-shop customers will be able to add the product and its variants to the availability monitor. In the pop-up window, fill in your email, to which notifications about product storage will be sent.

This module is only available from Designer 3.3.

Dynamic forms - sending a copy of the message to the customer

The client will receive a copy of the message sent to the dynamic form (discussion, contact us, etc.)

Display the price of an unregistered customer

A registered customer with an assigned price list on the e-shop will now also see the price displayed in the product detail, which he would have as unregistered / without an assigned price list.

Fio - Improved payment matching

Fio payment matching token has been expanded. The system now recognizes whether the paired payment is cash on delivery or order. Following the type of payment, the status of the order is changed (paid - cash on delivery, paid - by transfer).

Improved Links module

Links module enhancements. If the link has an image, it will automatically appear in Our Partners. If not, it will appear in the footer in You may be interested.

Comgate - improved payment selection

After redirecting to the payment gateway, it is now possible to choose other payment methods.


Heureka - Availability XML feed

We have recently added an affordable Heureka feed. This will enable, for example, a connection to You can find it in the administration under Link / Heureka, section Availability feed.

VAT registration in the country

Setting the country in which the e-shop operator is registered for VAT. Possibility of use especially within various branches and satellite e-shops. You can find it in the Settings / Basic / Store Settings administration, Operator section.

Review Responses

The administrator now has the ability to respond to submitted reviews. The rating may or may not be approved directly in the Reports module. He can also award loyalty points here.

This module is only available from Designer 3.3.

New Sklik tracking code

As of June, the existing Sklik tracking code will stop working. The new code will allow for better conversion tracking. No action or code changes are required on your part.

Link to the detail of the item from its name in the administration

In addition to the option to click into the item detail (product, article, etc.) via the pencil icon, a new click will be added directly via the item name in the list.

Filter for discount coupons in the order list

The e-shop user now has the option to filter orders for which a specific discount code has been applied.

Improved file manager in administration

Ability to move file categories into supercategories. Optimize and speed up file transfers and uploads.

Rounding payments

For each payment, you have the option to check with the checkbox whether or not the payment should be rounded to whole crowns.

Modification when upgrading to a new version of Designer

Custom.scss content is dropped when you upgrade to the new version of Designer. Other files are reset to factory settings. The transition will automatically back up the original version of the design. Automatic backups will be different from your own. The last 10 backups will always be saved.

When switching, the user will be notified if they have their own styles set.

Warehouses to minus

Product warehouses are now deducted. For availability according to variants, we work with sums that do not go to zero.

Validation when saving a customer

Incorrect completion of the customer account creation form will not delete any data entered into the form.



XML export of products on using the available Heureka feed. More information here.


Export of products to and using the provider Expando. More information here.

Mail without borders

New option to export orders in Mail Without Borders format.


Incomaker link API.

Lime Talk

Possibility to connect to Lime Talk online chat.



  • Closed administration menu - After moving the mouse, the menu subcategories will open.
  • Mandatory Consents - Ability to specify whether the check box for consent will be mandatory or not.
  • Creating an order in administration - Adding a product, customer and price list to the order creation.
  • EAN - Ability to add an EAN code to the order document and custom documents.
  • Currency import - Automatic reading of exchange rates of other currencies from the CNB.
  • New options for editing billing data (Settings / Basic / Store settings).
  • Product manufacturer / supplier code added to full-text search.