Linking to vendor price lists, information systems, and accounting includes these basic options:


Export orders and customers . By default, it takes place every 5 minutes. Exporting an XML file.


  • Import product cards including stock statuses, price lists, images, categorization, etc. Data synchronization typically occurs once per hour according to the link. XML files are imported.
  • Import Order Stores via an API.
  • Import Category Tree .

Connected Systems:

  • Pohoda (export orders, import products, import categories)
  • Helios Red and Orange (export orders, import products, import categories, import status orders)
  • Money S3 (export orders, import products, import categories)
  • K2 (export orders and their customers, importing products)
  • Altus Vario (export orders, import of products via company 4profit)


Rate of export / import: 350 CZK / month, More detailed Import price list.

Links to Helios, Altus Vario, and K2 require individual calculation.

In the case of individual requirements for supplier feeds, please contact us at support@upgates.comĀ .