To optimize content for search engines, the name SEO has been used in our region as well.

What is SEO

It is a long-term and persistent effort to get the content on the website to the top positions in Internet search engines, which increases the chances of success for target customers. There are basic principles that SEO specialists follow when optimizing a site. But the catch is that the public does not see the detailed functioning of Internet search engines. SEO optimization is therefore carried out primarily on the basis of the assumption of the operation of search engines, which are also constantly evolving.

The goal of the operators of the largest search engines is to show users really relevant content. Especially in recent years, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have been massively involved in this task. The basis of good SEO optimization is therefore really high-quality content. This is because search engine algorithms evaluate the relevance of content based on hundreds of different factors, so for a long time it was not enough to forcefully push into the largest number of keywords into the text.

An important part of SEO is linkbuilding, which is based primarily on getting backlinks.

Google has used the PageRank tool to evaluate the relevancy of sites for many years. But the truth is that the importance of PageRank for display in search has been declining in recent years. It is complemented by much more advanced tools such as RankBrain. SEO is part of SEM.