Shipping options

Set up shipping options to best suit the nature of the specific purchase and customer type.

The choice of transport may vary depending on the weight of the purchase or its monetary value. You can specify other traffic for regular customers, other for VIPs, according to the customer's price list. Customers purchasing on the wholesale price list may also have different terms. Some countries are more expensive to transport, others cheaper. You can have a shipping group, such as "fragile", which is selected when the purchase includes a fragile product. For each traffic it is possible to set the boundary from which it is free.

For each traffic, you can add a note explaining different shipping conditions,

Authorized payment methods

The display of individual options also depends on the links between transports and payments. Not every transport can be combined with a given payment (for example, pick up at the store and cash on delivery).

Shipment Tracking

If the shipper allows it, you can enter a tracking URL that generates a tracking address for customers.

Traffic restrictions

Customers should only be offered a way of transport that matches the nature of the purchase. The options can be limited to the following:

Transport Group

If a customer purchases a product traded in a particular group of traffic, the choice will be limited only to traffic included in the same transport group. E.g. you will create a "fragile" transport group. All fragile products are included in this group. Subsequently, when ordering a fragile product, the customer will only be offered in a basket from the "fragile" group.


Buy more for free shipping

information about how much you need to buy to have the customer free of charge is notified in the cart on the web section.


You can specify a list of their branches for each transport. The pop-up window with a selection appears on the web page after selecting the traffic. In the administration, branch offices can enter:

Connection to the carrier

The system exported a universal CSV file. It can be connected to systems of different carriers such as PPL, Czech Post, DPD, DHL, UPS, GEIS, etc.