SEO steps for affiliate

How do I maximize profits from affiliate marketing?

Have you launched an affiliate site and now you're wondering how to do it to start earning money? In the following rows, let us know how to do it.

První kroky

First steps

Let's assume your web is responsive (adapts to all devices) and that you have done Keyword Analysis before creating website. If not, correct it. It will help you build a web structure and then create content. This brings us to another, no less important part of creating a site affiliate by creating content.

Content is king

Original and interesting content not only plays a very important role in SEO . If you offer content to users, they will have reason to return to your site and then refer to them. And if your content will like the user, they will love the robots search engines. For more clarity, use headlines, subtitles, and do not forget to inter links of your content.

So now suppose that you have a web that is responsive, has the right structure and quality content. None of this is enough to generate higher profits, maybe a few interesting visitors a month, but you want more. What to do next?


Launch PPC campaigns

PPC is an English pay-per-click abbreviation and means pay-per-click . You pay only if the user clicks on your PPC ad on search engines, on Facebook or anywhere else on the web. In other words, Advertiser only applies to visitors to your site and not to your ads. This is one of the most effective forms of advertising at all. Additionally, PPC ad allows great tracking of ROI invested.

Sociální média

Do not forget social media

The world of marketing has changed dramatically in recent years. A very important role today is played by Social Networks . And if you want to focus on affiliate marketing, they are important for you. It is through social networks that it is very easy to support business and communication with customers. If you'd like to increase your conversion rate, make sure you share your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. content. Users should also be allowed to like, share and comment on your posts. In this way, it is very easy to get more audiences, more credibility and brand awareness, and thus make affiliate marketing more effective.

Is SEO and affiliate marketing together?

YES, below, let's explain why and how to put SEO practices into practice to make your affiliate website more visible in search results. Because better search positions = more visitors to your site = higher profits.

Turn on SEO

We hear very often the sentence "Can you turn me on SEO?", but that does not work that way. SEO can not be turned on or off. So let's say what SEO is and how you can work yourself on your site to increase your position within natural search.


What is hidden under the abbreviation of SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization focuses on > Increase site visibility in organic search . Part of SEO includes both technical features and the visual side of the site. There are many ways to optimize the web. The most important of these still include relevant content and link building, both internal and external.

SEO and your website

You may be asking if your site needs SEO. The truth is that most web traffic is driven by major search engines such as Google , Yahoo, Bing, or in the Czech Republic List. Social networking also generates much of the web traffic. The main role in user navigation is still playing Search Engines .

Basic SEO steps

As we have already mentioned, keyword analysis (KW) is important. For SEO, you need to know the keywords and phrases your potential customers are looking for, and then apply these words in a non-violent way to your project content . KW analysis is recommended even if your site is already running. It may give you impuls, for example, to create interesting content, new category or new KW for PPC campaigns.

Klíčová slova

Watch for subtitles and meta descriptions

Each page, article, category, and individual product should have its original headline and meta description. These labels are great for search engines and robots.

Headline should briefly capture what the page on which it is located is. It must be unique, interesting and concise, because its goal is to bring the customer to the web. Its length should not exceed 55 characters.

Meta description is a more detailed description of the page, it should not exceed 160 characters. Again, it performs the same function as a caption, so it should be original and lured to clicks.)

Rychlost webu

Site Speed ​​

Also very important is Website Speed ​ . If the site is loading too long, users will leave it for competition and most likely will not return.

Getting external links for your site

We are not talking here about registering in a few corporate catalogs, we do not say it's wrong, it's not enough.

Try to get a variety of links for your project on a regular basis. It's still a very powerful impetus for search engines to push you forward in natural search.

Do not buy headless link piles , you would harm yourself. Get quality links from relevant sites. Do not make links to words like more here, information, etc., insert links under the right keywords (for example, you are selling front-loading washing machines, make a link under these key links, and make sure they go to the destination page, front filling and not top-loading washing machines).

Externí odkazy

One of the basic techniques is getting backlinks for your site in the form of publishing articles in thematic magazines. This form of promotion is not free. It has to be realized that it is also a matter of promotion, it is not just a thoughtless publication of articles. If you choose the right space, it will return to you several times. You get a backlink, which will boost your position in search results, and you'll also get a good-placed conversion article.

Let's give you some practical examples

Example # 1:

For one of our clients, we have written and published an article for 2000, -Kč, which was about the sale of skateboards.

The article was published on one of the smaller fashion blogs, but with great potential. Part of the article was photos from the client's hotel. There were also references to the sources of these photos that led back to the hotel sites.

At the end of the article, of course, it was mentioned where modern original skateboards are possible in the form of a link to a given category. Based on this article, 6 orders were made in this online store.

Example # 2:

For our next client, we have written and published an article for $ 1,100.

Again, this was a specifically focused article, this time it was furniture to the apartment. The decisive word was the focus of the site and its target group, the number of visitors and, of course, the form in which the article was written. Three conversions were made from this article.


Where do I track your position on organic seach in Seznam and Google

If you already have a complete analysis of your keywords, you can use, which also offers a free version.

If you decide to try SEO yourself , we need to alert you to avoiding banned techniques (bulk buy backlinks, link farms, etc.), you might be harming your site, and ultimately ignore search engines. It is always better to entrust experts who know what they are doing.

At the end

The world of internet marketing is constantly changing. The above-mentioned tactics that can support your affiliate marketing are still working.

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