SEO factors at your online store

SEO factors for your online shop

The meaning of SEO factors that affect the position of your online store search page is still changing . The factors are over 100, but about some of them the search engines care more. For more than a decade, the MOZ has put together the views of world SEO specialists. For the final table of the importance of the factors, please see here. The question is when setting up an online store prefer to target people or search engines. Come with us to find out which factors are important to you and how to handle them.

SEO factors at your online store sites

Site URL

The URL of your online store should be simple and treacherous . According to most experts, URL is not very important for the search engine. When you use a keyword, you will get more clicks. People on similar links click more often. This can increase the relevancy of your online store and provide you with a better position in organic search.

You can also get a better position using the so-called landing page . The URL of such sites may look like this:

Page title

HTML code is <title>. One of the most important SEO factors . This is the name of a page that lets search engines and people know what's on the page. At search results appears as a blue link title. For each page, keep a unique caption. Page title should include between 55 and 65 characters . Avoid too general words.

It is superfluous to repeat the same word for each page, such as business name . But if you have a corporate brand, it's okay to put into the headline brand name behind |.

SEO faktory pro váš e-shop

Site Description

Alias meta description has little meaning for the position in search results. You will not see it on the page, it appears as a text under the heading in the search result. In the rental of an online store in the page code, enter "meta description" . The length should be up to 155 characters , the rest of may not be displayed. Description is short page content, it is good to use the keywords in it. As with a URL, it can have an indirect effect on search placements. If it's good, it increases your clickthrough rate.

In addition to the meta description, you can specify a <keywords> meta tag. But it does not make sense for search engines. In the past, users have misused their meta keywords, so today's search engines ignore them.


The Main Title or h1 is very important . This is the first point the visitor registers. It is precisely why the search engines cares about it. It has to express the content of the page in a short while. For online store products, enter the full product name in h1. For technical products, enter their code. Do not forget to include a general specification of the goods (notebook, television, monitor, etc.) in the title.

Headlines h2-h4 or Sub-titles . It has little meaning for search engines. But their benefit is better text clarity . Articles or descriptions of goods divide into paragraphs with subheadings. People will more often tend to come back to you.

Keywords in the text and highlighting them

Keywords should be used as soon as possible in the first paragraph of the text . Do not try to force them into the text. Also beware of overuse. Unnecessary is a large number of keywords on one page of your online store. Ideal is to use one or a few keywords in one separate article. We will talk about analysing and preparation of key words sometimes soon.

For text highlighting , it's best to use the <strong> tag. Highlighting or italics do not take much importance . Again, you will help the visitors of the online store with orientation. The important passages of the text will go quickly through the eyes and will be clear. Few people reading the entire paragraphs on the Internet.

Image Description

Put it in the code via alt . It's a brief description of what's on the picture. In case someone does not appear a picture or is blind, he get to know through the alternative text about the presence of the image and its content or context.

Editing an image description

Link Text

The Link is tagged with <a>. Its meaning is high . The best links are for you from external sites, so called backlinks , which will be discussed below. A strong link should hide the keyword that is related to the page you are referencing. The internal sitelink of your online store also has meaning.

Navigating visitors is not just a well-crafted menu, but links in article text or a description of items . The ideal form of internal linking is, for example, a link to related goods, accessories, etc. These links redirect the customer to other pages in your online store. It will also help search engines who take internal interlinking as an added value.

Site Text

Content remains the most important factor not only for SEO but also for people. You should write interesting articles to help, advise, and answer questions. Create product descriptions that will cover everything that customer wants to know. Creating guides, questions and answers is also a bonus. Benefit for people = benefit for search engines.

The error is to copy texts from other pages or take product descriptions written by the manufacturer . A lot of online stores make it simpler to import products by this way. But the search engine always places different links on the first page. This is so the user has to choose from. By using product-specific product descriptions, you will be lost between dozens of online stores which offers the same merchandise as you.


Before the search engine displays the page, it must first know about it. That is because, it must have it in its index. Into the Seznam search engine, you can add the new URL on this page. For Google search engines here on Google Search Console. The Google Toolbar lets you check or request an indexing of addresses. It will also provide you with other interesting analytical features. A good helper is also the ability to upload site maps.

Sitemap Upgates

Site Map

It works for faster and more accurate indexing of your online store site. The search robots do not have to browse the entire web, but have a sitemap.xml file for indexing. Most systems are built automatically. This includes our store creation system. You can also set the priority of some pages. You can tell the robot which pages should index more often. Be sure to use this feature on sites where you often change content.

Exclusion of indexing

You mostly want online store sites to be in the search engine index. However, if you do not want some sites or parts of your site to appear, robots.txt file will help you. Use on sites that have similar content or keywords. Such sites can be parasitic. That's why you have the ability to ban robots from indexing them.

In this case, the robot are controled by the bans that you specify meta tags. The most common include:

  • "noindex" - the robot does not index the page
  • "nofollow" - the robot does not have to track where the link is leading
  • "noarchive" - ​​do not save the page in the archive

What if external links lead on the page? Then the search engine does not have to follow the internal instructions in robots.txt.
There will be no impact on setting a priority 1 for all pages. Priority setting affects the behavior of the robot only on your site and does not affect the order of the search results.

Robots.txt - Upgates

SEO factors outside the online store site


It is not enough just to keep all of the above mentioned steps. The site of your store must also be popular. The search engine evaluates based on the quality and number of backlinks.

The most important thing is the quality of backlinks. A quantinty may not be enough for you. Conversely, search engines are now able to recognize so-called link farms. When you will get clickthrough on your online store, merchandise or articles at dozens of poor quality sites, you will only get hurt.

Linking to you must be from the sites you share the most with. When you sell the phones, the backlink from the clothes server does not make much sense. However, if server is referred to you, it is much more beneficial. The backlink value is also based on the page rank of the site that links to you. When your online store is mentioned in national news, it has a higher value than on a low-traffic site.

You can even increase the weight of a link by adding a keyword to it. Far better when selling phones is this code:

<a href=""> sale of phones </a>

than this one:

<a href=""> </a>

Tip at end

Focus on SEO if possible since the online store was established. Depend on the uniqueness of each page. Choose the right keywords and create good content. But do not expect results overnight. And never give up on optimization. It may take months or longer to show up. But the result will be worth it :)

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