SEO customization

In the administration, you can specify the following data affecting SEO.

  • Page title H1 (all modules),
  • custom URL (category / page only),
  • title <title> (all modules),
  • META label <description> (all modules),
  • META keywords <keywords> (all modules),
  • activation custom fields, alternative name and product description for, heureku and google purchases (products),
  • microdata (enriches the results of your site's search for photos, ratings, links, etc.).

There are two ways to meet SEO parameters:

Manual for each element

More time-consuming, but you have the ability to accurately target your keywords. It is done in detail of a specific module.

Automatic by default algorithm

Fast but less detailed. If the element is not set manually, SEO attributes are added using the default algorithm. The following attributes are assembled into the report:

  • Page title,
  • supplementary word,
  • main keyword.