In the administration, you can specify the following data affecting SEO.

  • Page title H1 (all modules),
  • custom URL (category / page only),
  • title <title> (all modules),
  • META label <description> (all modules),
  • META keywords <keywords> (all modules),
  • activation custom fields, alternative name and product description for, heureku and google purchases (products),
  • microdata (enriches the results of your site's search for photos, ratings, links, etc.).

There are two ways to meet SEO parameters:

Manual for each element

More time-consuming, but you have the ability to accurately target your keywords. It is done in detail of a specific module.

Automatic by default algorithm

Fast but less detailed. If the element is not set manually, SEO attributes are added using the default algorithm. The following attributes are assembled into the report:

  • Page title,
  • supplementary word,
  • main keyword.

Writing texts and their SEO

The basic rule is that if you write something on the web, try to do it mainly for customers not for search robots. Look at your content through the eyes of the reader. Be original, have unique content, offer your know-how. And you'll be rewarded even by the search engines. They are quite smart today and know what is and is not copied without work and invention.


Make the category names in the menus comprehensible as well as brief. Limit the number of categories in one level to a maximum of ten. Use product filtering instead of categorizing categories into lower and lower levels.

Main Page Title

The main title site is very important for visitor orientation and, of course, for search engines as well. Name them as keywords that you find your customers are searching for. But with optimization, do not overcome it. Still, what's good for the customer's eye is good for search engines as well.

Page text

In page text use key words for search engines. If the text is longer, subdivide it into subtitles and paragraphs. Bold highlights important keywords (like this guide). The reader is better oriented and the search engines are easier to index. It is important to realize that in general it is not about reading on the Internet but about scanning. So the reader glides through the headlines and highlighted words, and if he finds something, he reads more in the normal text.

Automatic or manual SEO?

When does it make sense to fill Manual SEO to set subtitles and META tags? If automatic is not enough for you to have SEO under control. If you do not fill out the manual SEO field, it will fill in the automatic. Filling manual SEO therefore has a higher priority than automatic. Manual SEO is more a matter for experienced optimizers or professional agencies.

Manual SEO

(for example at Content / Category - Seo section):

Automatic SEO

( Settings / Main - SEO section)

At automatic SEO just fill in the algorithm and based on headings, main keywords and add-ons, all SEO subtitles are generated at one go. Of course, you can arbitrarily substitute for specific cases of manual SEO. So it's very fast and easy.