Commission system for e-shops

Who is the commission system for?

The commission system is intended for anyone (you do not have to be a partner agency or the owner of the Upgates e-shop) who can register in the system and draw commissions for the recommendation of the Upgates e-shop platform. No other conditions need to be met.

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Do you know of someone who would like to start an online business and look for an e-shop solution? Recommend an e-shop from Upgates and earn a commission! Just use your commission token for recommendations. We'll talk about how to easily get it below.

Why use a commission system?

For referrals to anyone planning to start an online business, you can get:

  • 15% rental commission for 1 year (commissions start from the date the e-shop switches to the paid version)

How exactly does the system work and where do you get your token?

1) To obtain your commission token you need to register with the system and enter your ID .

2) Send the URL with your token directly to those interested in the e-shop , or you can create the e-shop yourself via this URL.

Once a test version of the e-shop is created under your token, it is assigned to your commission system account within a few hours. Commissions start counting from the date of transition of the e-shop to the paid version. Commission calculation is done automatically. And you can request a commission payment from the commission system administration after the commission exceeds $ 500 and 3 months have passed since the last payment.


The ID and business owner of the new e-shop may not match the ID and owner of the commission system that earns the commission for bringing the e-shop to the Upgates system. The system thus automatically prevents the drawing of commissions from its own e-shops.

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