Rank brain

Google's search tools are very advanced today, and RankBrain is proof of that. This is a Google algorithm based on the principle of machine learning. He is therefore able to improve himself on the basis of search requirements.

What is RankBrain

RankBrain was first used by Google in 2015. As is customary with the world's largest search engine, RankBrain is a bit of a secret. Google logically does not publicly disclose exactly how its search engines work. Then SEO specialists should make it too easy. However, we do know a few details about RankBrain.

RankBrain has become invaluable to Google, especially in the case of queries that the search engine processes for the first time, or for which they are not so obvious yet. In other words, these are passwords that no one or very few people have searched for before. It is reported that up to 15 percent of search queries are new to Google. However, the search engine must almost always display something. From here, there is RankBrain, which is able to read and analyze the content as a whole and, based on this, display it in a search. Therefore, if it evaluates that it is relevant to the search query.

This is a significant shift compared to ten to fifteen years ago. At that time, Google analyzed the words individually and could not understand their context. This gradually began to change sometime between 2011 and 2013. In addition to PageRank, which has been part of Google since the beginning, other tools have begun to be added. Able to analyze search queries more comprehensively.

From the little we know about the algorithm that affects our lives, we can deduce that the goal of RankBrain is to increase the relevance of the displayed results. Google officials also revealed that RankBrain is not always involved in search. It is believed that Google only uses RankBrain for queries that are not entirely clear to artificial intelligence.