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Professional graphics and settings

Price excl. VAT: 600 €
Scope of work: up to 15 hours
Deadline: within 15 business days

If you do not have the time to set up the graphics yourself, our team of designers will work for you at a price of 600 € excluding VAT. The scope of work is as follows. Work above the framework is charged at a rate of 50 € per hour (excluding VAT). You will be informed of them in advance and you must approve their implementation.

You have a project manager and graphic designer to help you set up an e-shop so you can start selling right away.

It's not a custom-made graphic design according to the graphical materials you've provided. It is based only on the below mentioned administration options of UPgates.

What work can it involve?

Ordering service

You can enter the order in the administration of your project you create here. In the main menu, navigate to Graphics / Services and Courses. Select Professional Settings and Graphics, and click Open and Order.