The main product, let's call it a master product, can be offered in different variants (eg blue, red ...). Each one then behaves as a separate entry with its own code, URL, and other data. Alternatives to the order are also included in the order, not the master product.

Variants are created by mass generating combinations of parameters and values. So you do not have to create one by one manually.

View variants

  • Selection fields (classic form, saving space on the page)
  • Table (suitable for smaller lists of variations due to larger spot consumption per page)

Variation setting

  • The main option (set as default when selecting in product detail),
  • parameter values ​​(eg color - white, red, black, size - S, M, L, XL),
  • view variant on e-shop,
  • inventory status (automatic inventory counting based on ordered quantity)
  • Stock status by variants,
  • availability (manual setting or automatically based on inventory status),
  • comment on the availability of the variation,
  • picture,
  • new, action, and sale (including from and to),
  • unique variant code,
  • can be inserted into cart,
  • Weight (to determine the optimal mode for shipping),
  • supplier code,
  • EAN,
  • prices.