Product price is one of the most important e-shop business tools. That's why it's critical for UPgates to have a wide range of ways to tailor it to your customers.

Types of prices

  • Shopping - Not published on the web. It has only an informational character for administrators.
  • Common - the price at which the product is generally sold on the market.
  • Original - price before discount.
  • VAT exclusive - sales price excluding VAT. It is displayed at the e-shop if you are a VAT payer.
  • VAT - sales price with VAT.
  • Action - a preferential selling price that can be set for a limited time.

Discount types

  • Price discount - Percentage discount or fixed price of the product within a specific pricelist. Can be set for each currency separately.
  • Product Discount - Percentage reduction in the price of a particular product. Can be set for each currency and price list separately.
  • Manufacturer Discount - Percentage reduction in manufacturer's product prices.
  • Global Discount - a percentage reduction in the price of products included in a particular category, menu branch, or throughout the e-shop.
  • Other discount options that you can set in price formulas.

You can limit the total discount amount to the maximum percentage.

Pricing setting depends on these parameters

  • You are or you are not VAT payers.
  • You save prices with or without VAT.