Do you want to offer better prices to some customers? Would you like to reward them for example that they have been registered or have made a decent turn over the years to become VIP customers? Set them a special price list. Alternatively, create a discount system according to turnover, which will automatically put them in preferential pricelists.

It is possible to set price lists that differ from each other by the percentage difference or the individual price of the product.

Every customer must have a price list specified. This can either be retail (highlighted with VAT on the web) or wholesale (highlighted without VAT). The unregistered customer displays prices from the default pricelist, the pricelist is set on the logged-in (customer account).

Regular customers can automatically assign a specific pricelist, which may be discounted. This is a kind of reward for the customer setting up an account.

Assign the pricelist

  • The administrator will determine the pricelist manually.
  • The administrator activates the automatic set of the pricelist by turnover. Once the customer's total turnover exceeds the limit (the upper limit for a discount on turnover), the price list will change.

Pricing settings

  • Pricing discount (percentage reduction in product price).
  • Upper limit of turnover to change the pricelist (from the given turnover the customer automatically changes the price list to the next in the order)
  • Highlighting the price with or excluding VAT on a web site (for example, wholesalers are more likely to present prices excluding VAT with VAT).
  • Use a loyalty system (customers who are assigned to that pricelist can / can not earn points in the loyalty system).