Pictures and galleries

Inserting any number of files from the file manager into a page, article, text, and other modules that contain this option.

Image Types:

  • the main (in the upper-right corner of the page, clicking on the slideshow preview),
  • list (a list of articles, etc.)
  • Photo Gallery (under the main text of the page, clicking on the slideshow preview),
  • part of text (paste into text using WYSIWYG editor without slideshow).


Create a photo gallery using the article list. In each article a separate gallery of any range is defined. View image slideshow with slideshow and slideshow.

Dimensions of images

Image dimensions are determined by the system itself, as set in the HTML code of the e-shop's graphic templates. All you have to do is fill in the largest and highest quality format you have available.

If your picture is too large, do not mind. The system automatically reduces it to a maximum width or height of 1,000 px.

If you want images in subcategories, articles, headlines, etc. nicely arranged and aligned, we recommend that you maintain the same aspect ratio. They will then look in a row or column.