The page is a menu category that has its own content. Like texts, products, photographs, etc.

Usual pages contain the following elements:

Main page

A special page type, with the ability to display a wide variety of marketing modules to capture customer attention.

Quality setup and optimization of the main page are among the most important steps to your e-shop success. Consider the homepage as the front page of the newspaper. It contains the most interesting, lots of marketing areas, banners, quick information, etc. It usually shows slides with news, events, sale, recommended and best selling goods.

Mostly the main page will come to visitors who know your e-shop or enter directly the name of the e-shop domain into an internet browser.

Separate pages

Sites that are not tied to categories and menus. They have their own URL and can be accessed from anywhere in the e-shop eg from the product and its long text. A typical example of such a site is business terms.