If you have an account with Fio Bank, you can link it to an e-shop. Incoming payments will be imported into the e-shop every half an hour and individual orders will be marked as paid.

If you sell fashion products at your e-shop, you will certainly welcome the link to Offers fashion collections from hundreds of stores in one place.

Inserting the code for conversions.

Sphere card, Carte

Loyalty card with which you can benefit from and rebate at over 10,000 points of sales throughout the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


LYONESS is a network marketing project based on discount shopping for various merchants such as OMV, INTERSPAR, BauMax or now McDonalds and many others.

In addition to, is another comparison portal to which UPgates is connected. Shopping under one roof.


Link to Czech search engine discounts Export products including current price and price before discount.


Zopim is a tool for online communication with your customers. This is a chat where you can communicate with your customers in real time.

Another connection

UPgates can be linked to much more third party services than we mentioned here. It is necessary to have only the javascript code that you usually get when registering the service on their www pages and then place them in the UPgates administration.