The process of ordering in the UPgates e-shop is four-step. The product is delivered to it by clicking on the To Cart button.

Mid step to the cart

Before moving to the cart, there is an mid step (pop-up window) that recapitulates the order and recommends purchasing other products that have been purchased with other customers by the product.


Shipping and payment

Set up shipping and payment methods. Only those options that meet the conditions and constraints set in shipping and payment administration are displayed. The display of individual options also depends on the links between transports and payments. Not every transport can exist in combination with a certain payment (for example, pick up at the store and cash on delivery).

If the customer is not signed in, the shipping and payment methods that are set for the default country in the given language mutation are displayed. If the customer is registered, his / her state of delivery is identified and the shipping and payment offer will be adjusted accordingly.

Delivery data

The customer first writes his email. According to him, the system recognizes a new and returning customer with a customer account.

A new customer fills in his billing and delivery data in the usual way.

The returning customer fills his password or goes on without logging in and as a new customer. Everything on a voluntary basis. If the customer does not remember the password, he / she will send a new password to the email, it will activate it and will be transferred directly to the e-shop.

The advantage of this system is that it supports the creation of customer accounts and thus the loyalty of your e-shop. The customer does not have to remember if he has ever set up an account in the past. The system will tell him. He does not even need to know his password because he sends a link to the email to log in.


It includes a recapitulation of the order, the possibility of writing an order note and confirming business terms.

Order Received

Once sent, the customer receives the order received or the customer account homepage. Both of these pages include a purchase credit, payment information, or a conversion code for google analytics, and so on.