Overview of business cases

You can create business cases manually in an administration or based on an order made in an e-shop basket. Business cases are a sort of mailbox containing various generated documents such as an order, an invoice, an offer, and other custom documents. After ordering in a cart, an order in a business case is automatically set up.

Each document with a numeric series contains its bookmark in the business case list. In it, individual documents can be filtered, sorted, bulk edited, and clicked into the detail of the business case.

Business case detail

  • Description
    • Ordered items, discounts, shipping, payment. Option to add / remove / edit items.
    • Allotted loyalty points (until the case is marked as "paid").
    • Status of the order.
    • Date and condition of payment (possibility of automatic connection with Fio Bank).
    • Customer note.
    • Internal note.
    • Tracking code (click-through option).
    • Date of creation and update.
    • Generated documents (Export to XML, HTML, Print, Quick Preview).
    • custom fields.
    • Possibility of duplicating business. cases
  • Customer
  • History of business case changes made within the administration. You will find out when and who did the change, what kind of change was possible, including details of how it looked before and after the change.

State of business cases

Set the current status of the case handling (including color differentiation). Serves as Administrator and Customer (Customer Account) information.

You can make automatic system mail sending to change the status.


More about documents, generating them, updating, and creating templates can be found on the pages of documents and billing.

Case setting

  • Google Analytics Conversion Code after Order Completion.
  • Rounding off the resulting value of the case according to the accounting method.
  • Export only finished - Export only orders marked as finished in XML.

Bulk operations

In the list of business cases, you have the ability to perform these bulk operations:

  • Mark as read / unread.
  • Mark as solved / unsolved.
  • Mark as Paid / Unpaid.
  • Change status.
  • Delete.
  • Merge.
  • Export documents to selected formats.
    • HTML (ZIP) - all off invoices.
    • PDF (ZIP) - Invoices only.
    • XML - orders only.
    • CSV - orders only.

Order Overview statistics according to individual documents with the possibility to filter out a certain period of time or the language mutation in which the case was based.