Search engine optimization is based on two key aspects. These are onpage and offpage factors. Based on their combination, the search engine evaluates the relevance of the site and decides on which queries users will display it.

What are Offpage Factors?

Offpage factors are those that are not directly on the website (unlike onpage factors) but are taken into account by the Internet search engine. So-called backlinks are absolutely essential for offpage measurements. In short, it's about the extent to which and how relevant or important sites link to your site. Offpage factors are therefore crucial for linkbuilding.
How crucial the offpage factors are in making search engine decisions is, of course, the subject of debate. Only a handful of the chosen ones see the exact functioning of search engines. However, SEO specialists state that the offpage factors they make up to 50% of the weight for search engines. Linkbuilding is therefore very important in building a good site position.