We probably all come across the newsletter almost every day.

What is a newsletter

A newsletter is a popular marketing channel that is used, for example, to inform about news or try to persuade a customer to buy. It is not possible to send a newsletter without a contact database created. Otherwise it would be just spam. The recipients of newsletters are therefore typically visitors who have voluntarily subscribed to the newsletter or, for example, customers who have already bought on the e-shop in the past and agreed to receive it. Speaking of e-shops, there are relatively successful newsletters that inform customers about discounts.

In addition, modern tools make it possible to automate the creation of newsletters, but also to personalize them so that the recipient gets the offer as tailor-made as possible, which increases the chances that they will actually buy. A / B testing is a useful technique to increase the effectiveness of newsletters.

Not every e-mail box always displays the content of newsletters correctly. Therefore, it is always better to always send a link to the web version of the newsletter, for example in PDF format, where you can be sure that everything will be displayed as it should be. The right newsletter also always offers the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter.