The ability to set any number of language mutations. Each will appear on a custom URL.

If you are interested in running a language mutation on a domain other than the main domain, go to the domain page.

Only one currency can be displayed per language change.

Copy content from ...

When you create a language mutation, you can copy all content from an existing language.

Default state

Each language mutation should have a defined state, and it will automatically be taken as the default for unlogged customers. It serves in particular for providing shipping information. E.g. the default country for Czech is the Czech Republic, and if the price list is displayed, an unregistered customer will see the transport for the Czech Republic. Another use is for free shipping information (how much you have to buy).


Once the language mutation has been established, additional fields for translation appear in the administration. Until your translations have been finalized, the advanced language mutation will only be displayed in the administration. Every word you find in your e-shop (not part of an image) can be translated into the administration. They are mostly found in custom fields.