Migrating an online store from another e-shop solution to UPgates

Does your existing online store solution stop working for you? Does it no longer meet your requirements and hinder your business growth? The solution is simple. You can quickly and easily import your data into UPgates. If you pride yourself on the quality promotion and marketing of your online store, you don't have to worry. You will not lose the built positions. You can easily redirect old URLs to new ones. All free and self-supporting . Alternatively, you can reach out to external specialists to migrate e-shops to the UPgates platform.

Preparation of a new UPgates e-shop is going in a test version. Your store will run in its original state on your domain until the migration of your UPgates project to online version. Changing an online store solution won't cause downtime and you won't lose customers or a single order.

What can you easily convert to UPgates?

  • Products (variations, parameters, images, text, prices, categorization, redirects from old URLs)
  • Categories (images, text, redirects from old URLs)
  • Customers (emails, addresses)

Why go to UPgates e-shop?

  • Original, responsive and easy-to-adjust design without coding
  • You can also customize your e-shop design in CSS and HTML
  • Expansion easily and free thanks to multidomainness and multilingualism
  • All in one user-friendly administration
  • No reimbursement of features and modules that are priced at no hidden cost
  • Extensive e-shop marketing and third-party connectivity options
  • Marketplace offering individual service from our specialists
  • And much more!

How do I convert my online store?

  1. Create a test version of the UPgates 
  2. Import all necessary data from a previous store (XML / CSV)
  3. Tune your store design and set up shipping, payment, etc.
  4. Request transport to live version

Change e-shop solution ... 30 days free trial

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