One of the most important off page factors that determines how search engines will display a page. The essence of linkbuilding is getting backlinks, ie mentions of your site on other sites.

What is linkbuilding?

This is one of the basic principles of increasing the authority of a website. The result of quality link building is a greater occurrence of the site in the SERP. So this is an important part of SEO.
It is a long-term job that requires patience. The linkbuilder should take into account their relevance when obtaining feedback, ie mentions of the website. So it's not worth flooding the internet with hundreds of links in low-quality articles on websites that have no traffic. Instead, it's better to focus on really good sites and try to get your link right there.

Of course, the situation is completely ideal when the given website is quoted and referenced by other people. But that will happen to few. Really abundantly and spontaneously cited are, for example, news sites where people share news between them.

Most others will help themselves to linkbuilding success on their own. This is possible through arranged partnerships or paid advertising. But it is always important to follow the principle that the most important thing is the quality of the website that links to yours.