Try UPgates

The first 30 days of your project are free, so you can explore the functionality of UPgates in detail or even use it to fill the e-shop with content.

Your project has sample content (e.g., products, categories, articles). You can either edit or delete it in the administration and start right from the beginning.

If everything is OK and you are ready to launch your shop, simply charge your wallet for any amount under your account.


If you find out that UPgates does not suit you, don't recharge your wallet and the project will expire after 30 days. All this without any obligation or sanctions.

How far is UPgates tailored?

UPgates is a box solution that offers a range of tools to help you tailor your e-shop. All this at the cost of a box solution. The amount of customization of individual environments that are a part of your e-shop is illustrated below.

Can not be customized
Can be customized


Graphics can be customized as needed. For fast editing, where you do not need to know any programming language, the designer will serve you.

Set basic style - color, line format, corners, fonts, etc. Add logo, favicon, banner.

From a wide range of graphic components, you configure the required e-shop layout. E.g. you choose header 5 or choose the layout on the main page that suits you best. There is plenty of choice.

In this graphics you can make additional edits, ie change the color of selected components. E.g. the menu in the header will convert to a dark variant. All this is still in the designer module and without knowing programming.

Everything is customized to show on mobile devices.

Learn more about the possibilities of realizing graphics >>


The structure consists of the various components that together make up the e-shop (products, menus, pages, basket, customer account, etc.).

What can not be customized?

Each component has programmed logic behavior. Its settings can be edited in administration and the options are invariant. In a specific way, ordering process , URL creation, customer account and similar system things.


You can customize the appearance and content of each component. Edit HTML text or custom fields to add additional text or graphic elements to the component. This way, for example, you can see additional descriptions and marketing fields for the product.

You can edit the resulting product price using the pricing formulas . Configuration , quantity and variants allow almost unlimited specification of the ordered product. You can design your own dynamic forms to help you query, query, etc.


Administration is the same for all e-shops. It contains the same list of features even across all UPgates pricing. Administration (and indeed the entire system) is constantly expanding with new features and modernizing existing ones so that the system does not become obsolete. You get all the updates automatically and for free. Administration can be extended by using custom fields. Therefore, you can expand the default settings of the data fields with additional UPgates functionality.