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For example, using a text editor, you can include a link in a long product description and write it in the following ways:

1. Absolute


The address consists of the domain and the relative /cz/try-free address.

This type of address is suitable for links to external pages - to a domain other than the one you are currently in.

2. Relative

Same example, but in relative listing: /cz/try-free

The URL does not contain a domain. It refers to a page that is on the same domain as you are currently in. In your e-shop, you would refer in this way from one category to another or from the article to the product, etc. The browser automatically delivers the domain in front of the relative address.

Why Use Relative Addresses?

As soon as you move from the test version to the production version with the e-shop, you do not have to edit the domains in absolute addresses. The same problem occurs if you decide to change your e-shop domain to another.

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