Graphics coding

Do you need to make modifications to HTML and CSS (LESS) code in the graphic template of your project? You can do this in a code editor that is ideal for minor styling edits performed directly in the administration of your project. It is necessary to have at least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

All adjustments take place on the test version. In order for the changes to appear on a sharp domain, you need to flip the test version to a sharp version. The test version is designed for graphics editing and implementation. It is located at After the project has been transferred to a sharp version, the test version does not disappear and serves for further development of the project, such as redesign of graphics.

Coder options

You can add your own stylesheet or overwrite your existing one.

The ability to edit predefined variables in graphics - for example, the color of individual components.

You do not always have to match the default layout of the components in the template. They can be customized .

E.g. on the main page you can move the news completely down etc.                       

At UPgates we want to fit your best individual needs. To do this, the so-called custom fields are set up in the e-shop administration and their content is displayed on the web part.

E.g. you need to display the "Size table" tab etc. Using custom fields and edits in the code editor, you can add almost any additional information on the web part of the e-shop.