1) Basic interface

Video tutorial for basic Designer interface in UPgates online store administration. How do you switch the module view (mobile, tablet, desktop), create a backup or use context-sensitive help or preview of the test version? Learn everything in the video!

2) Basic presetting of graphics and theme

First of all, you can choose from the preset e-shop graphics, of which there are 6. You can apply one of twelve topics to each of them. This gives you a total of 72 combinations and different templates!

3) Insert logo and favicon

Easy insertion of logo and favicon in all classic formats - jpg., Png. and gif.

The logo should be on a transparent background and cropped so that there are no blank margins.

Favicon is a small icon in the browser tab. The image should be on a transparent background without borders with square dimensions.

4) Color settings

You have the choice of basic and complementary color for your graphics. The choice of color palette is almost unlimited.

If the colors seem garish and disturbing, you can use the gray shades.

5) Scripture

When setting the font, you can choose from dozens of fonts and headings styles. You can also change the size of text and headings. But also the height of the lines!

6) Container Content Alignment

The default content and container alignment is centered. However, you have the option to align left. Alignment of containers is not reflected in some online store layouts.

7) Border

In the Borders tab, you can choose the style of rounding banners and images. But also the thickness, darkness and style of lines separating individual sections in containers.

8) Other features

Here you can set the content density to determine the size of the spaces between the containers. You will have your online store more airy or you will save space on the website.

Another feature category allows you to add some shadow graphics to some elements. You can add or remove plasticities to buttons.

9) Layout

In the template section and layout tab, you can choose from 4 page layouts for your online store. You can opt for a version with a surrounding page. Layout across the width of a page or a layout with the left menu.

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