Ability to link online store products to the largest price comparison and shopping portal in the Czech Republic - Heureka.cz, but also in Slovakia - Heureka.sk. Monthly website traffic reaches up to three million users, with a choice of tens of millions of products from thousands of stores. Your online store may be among them. In addition to exporting your products to Heureka, you can also track conversions . Get badge "Heureka - verified by customers" for reviews which is easy to put in your store.

Article: Heureka


GLAMI delivers thousands of new stores and clothing purchases from online stores daily. All on one portal. It does not sell specific products of fashion brands, but collects the offer of all stores that sell these products. A simple breakdown of fashion products ensures that even the most demanding customer chooses. With linking to GLAMI , he can easily find yourstore and become his customer.

Article: Glami.cz


Inserting the code for Srovname.cz conversions.


In addition to Glami.cz, ShopAlike.cz is another comparison portal to which UPgates is connected. Shopping under one roof.



Link to Czech search engine discounts Skrz.cz. Export products including current price and price before discount.