Story of online e-shop When online store assists the store shop and vice versa

Next story of a successful online store is, which is doing business in two branches. The first is bicycle equipment, thus the sale of bicycles, electric bicycles and cycling accessories. The second part of their business consists of furnishing for living, specifically the sale of fireplace stoves and fireplace inserts, garden grills and garden houses.

Personal counseling helps us compete with our competitors

The beginning of the business dates back to 2013, when Mr. Michal Sádecký opened an online store with a small stock. The company opened a store showroom after two years, gradually expanding to the size of the exhibition area of ​​500 m2. Last year moved to new lucrative two-storey space with an exhibition area almost 1,200 m2

It is precisely the opportunity for customers to present their online store goods in a store shop and to provide them with professional and expert advice. Mr. Sádecký sees a great advantage over the competition. "Today, online store is primarily used to present our offer and as an invitation to a store where we now exhibit hundreds of products," he explains. The fact that this is a successful business model shows a year-on-year increase in business of
30 percent.

And how does your online store go?

We won't tell you the exact numbers. We can, however, point out how Mr Sádecký is happy with our platform. "You know, to the decision to choose Upgates from a wide range of online store rentals more than five years ago led us several reasons," says the owner of the company, Mr. Sadecký. "The main thing was the intuitive and clear control of the administration, the amount of features offered and the service support included in the flat monthly fee. Even after years, I am satisfied with the service support approach that responds to any incentives to improve or modify it very quickly. Most of our requirements are virtually usable," he added. Collaboration is even more impressive for us and that's why we are pleased at Upgates.