The product filter can be viewed in the e-shop both horizontally above the product list and vertically on the side.

Individual filter parameters can be managed in the administration section either individually for each category or globally for all categories. The filter administration is very fast and easy. If you do not want to display one of the filter parameters, you can simply hide it globally.

Filtering options

  • By type - Action, New, Sale, Custom Labels, In Stock, Gift
  • By price - Reduce the list of products to those that correspond to the specified price range.
  • By manufacturer - Product selection from specific manufacturers.
  • By Benefit - Choice of products with specific benefits.
  • By parameters- Selection of products (or alternatives) that contain specific parameters. Display value as:
    • text with check mark,
    • image (eg color image, device type, etc.)
    • slider (setting of the numerical value interval using sliders).


Sorting products by a specific criterion. You can set the default sorting for the entire e-shop or a specific category.


Filtering pages

Filters create so-called filtering pages. These are sites that have their own URL, are listed on the site map, indexed by the search engines, and contain keywords from that filter. This site is used to expand natural search results by adding keywords that contain various key tailored modifications (so-called long tail). If you do not want to use them, you can disable their indexing. The filter page contains:

  • Page title,
  • page text,
  • META headline,
  • META label <description>,
  • META keywords <keywords>,
  • enabling / disabling indexing.