Reach contacts from your database through e-mail campaigns. Get new orders, familiarize your customers with news or just remind yourself that you are still here. The module allows you to filter a particular target audience, for example by language, pricelist, customer group, keyword in the note, and newsletter acceptance.

This module displays the history of your submitted campaigns ranging in chronological order from the most recent. You will learn how each campaign was successful, how many recipients received the e-mail message, how many opened it and eventually ordered it. You will be able to track the progress of your campaign. Sending is phased in to ensure the antispam e-mailing principle.


  • making custom e-mail templates,
  • default default template,
  • generated templates with dynamic product placement,
  • managing bolded names and calling for personalized addressing,
  • campaign history (storing in a customer profile),
  • campaign timing progress indicator,
  • graph and click statistics to individual links in email,
  • conversions of finished orders based on clicks in emails,
  • auto-rejecting email addresses from multiple non-delivery databases,
  • a link to the e-mail address exclusion page from the e-mail database,
  • link to alternative HTML page if email does not appear,
  • DKIM key validation.