E-shop customers are good at communicating, constantly getting feedback from them for marketing purposes, or revealing hidden business problems. If the customer does not find what he is looking for, you can enable him to enter the demand. All this through forms. Their answers will arrive in your messages.


You can forward the results of the forms in a copy to your email. You can write a footnote below the form. Next, set the event after submitting the form (1st redirect to a specific page, 2nd view of the popup window with thank you).

Types of form fields

  • The default (input, textarea, select, radio, checkbox) are logged into the administration as text information.
  • Predefined (name, street, city, etc.) are stored in the contact profile.

In addition to the type you can set the form fields:

  • label,
  • default value,
  • width (input, textarea, select),
  • height (textarea),
  • maximum number of characters (input, textarea, select),
  • mandatory / optional,
  • read-only,
  • limit to a numeric or email value.

Predefined forms