Your e-shop will run on your own domain. The domain can be of any order. It is possible to set any number of language mutations.


If you have multiple domains that can be targeted to your e-shop, just set their IP address according to the instructions in the administration and paste them into the domain aliases module. You can point the alias to a specific project URL, including a language mutation. Setting any number of aliases is free.

The module distinguishes domains with the prefix www and without www.


In one project, one domain can be used by default, which is included in the monthly rental fee. If you need to set up multiple domains (not aliases) and link them to language mutations, contact technical support.

In the case that another domain is only translated into another language, a monthly fee of 15 € / domain is paid.

If another domain contains a different logo or graphics and acts as a separate project on the outside, a monthly fee of  55 € per domain is paid. So you can operate multiple separate e-shops (satellites) in one administration.