Documents are the output of business cases. E.g. order, invoice, offer, etc. They are either numerical series (mostly accounting documents, depending on numbering of documents) or ordinary without a number series (eg business conditions, flyers), which are usually not included in the accounting.

Documents are generated in HTML format (PDF invoice only). You can edit and design them using the wysiwyg editor in the form you are used to. It always comes from the order template that you modify.

Dynamic shortcuts can be inserted into a document that, when the document is generated, displays the appropriate values ​​stored in the administration.

Generated documents can be sent as a system email attachment or a business case management report.

In general, you can set the maturity of your documents. It is also possible to set up automatic updating of documents after each change or modification of the business case.

Documents can be generated in bulk for any number of business cases at a time.