How to get a discount coupon?

You can get a discount on creating another online store in the following ways:

  • As part of a special event.

Terms of use of the discount coupon

  • The discount coupon applies only to new online stores that have been created after receiving the discount coupon.
  • Discount percentage is on coupon.
  • Discount coupon is valid for rental, not additional services (unless otherwise stated on coupon).
  • Discount expiration date and duration is on the discount coupon.
  • Discount coupon is portable to any other person.
  • Discount coupon is unique and can only be used once.
  • The discount coupon cannot be combined with other discounts and UPgates loyalty programs.
  • The discount coupon must be inserted into the Wallet in the online store administration.
  • Online store to which the coupon is applied may not be a copy of another UPgates project (including deleted or expired).
UPgates loaylty coupon

How to apply loalty coupon?

My accnout / Wallet / 2 - Finalization / Loyalty coupon

After inserting the discount coupon into the project wallet, the discount is reflected in the Payment Summary. The discount will be active for the duration of the coupon.

Entering discount coupon for online shop administration