1)Top of page - structure

You can easily set the basic structure of the top page header. In addition, you can edit the display structure of languages and the top sub-menus in the header.

2) Top of page - customize appearance

Modifying the top header of your online store is divided into three parts in Designer. You can set up the upper part of the header, the main part of the header and the lower part of the online store header. You can show or hide individual elements. You can also select the color of buttons or individual submenus. Be sure to save your changes after modifying the appearance in Designer!

3) Banners - structure, appearance and administration

In the video we will show you how to adjust the structure of banners on the pages of your online store. There are 6 different banner views on the main page. You can adjust the appearance of each banner by coloring it or aligning the image in the background.

In the administration section we will go through the possibilities of editing and creating banners. We'll introduce and explain the Cover feature in the following video!

Banners in administration can be found under

Content / Banners

4) Banner - Cover function

On the additional video, we'll show the difference between a regular banner and a cover. In the first case of a regular banner, when the display is different than the desktop, the image is proportionally reduced, including the text placed there.

While for a cover, the banner is narrowed to a size suitable for that view. The text will remain in the correct size and you can set it in the administration. In case of cover, the inserted picture serves only as a background / wallpaper for your defined text.

5) Headlines - structure, appearance and administration

The video will show you how to set up the headlines structure on the main page. There are three display options to choose from. Next look at the appearance of headlines. By adjusting the look, you determine the background of the box, but also the color of the individual headlines.

In the administration section, we will create a sample headline and show you how it looks like.

In administration you will find it under

Content / Headlines

6) Top products list - structure, appearance and administration

At the beginning of the video we will set up the structure of Top Products and Product List. In the Appearance Edit section, we set the background of the product list or the color of each label.

In the administration section we will show you how to navigate in top products and add products to individual labels (recommended, actions, news, sales, best sellers)

Top products and tab labels with their lists can be found in

Content / Main Page

7) Item and headings - structure

In the video, we'll show you how to set up the structure of the items on the main page of your online store. We will also adjust the display of items for mobile interface. In the final, we'll set the headline structure of the headline.

8) Footer - structure, appearance and administration

Together we will set the footer structure of the online store pages. Also, we will completely adjust its appearance. In the administration section, you will get better orientation in the categories of the bottom menu. We will go through inserting links to footer and adjusting the operator in settings. This is reflected in the footer data.

The lower menu categories in the administration can be found under

Content/ Categories / Bottom menu

You can edit the operator information in

Settings / System pref. / Owner

9) Product page - container structure

Step-by-step, we set up a product page specific container structure. Specifically, we will modify the structure of the article, gallery, left menu, and submenu.

10) Product page - appearance of containers

We'll adjust the appearance of some of the product page containers. Let's explore the possibilities of setting up their design. By way of example, we will show you how to insert an image into the container background.

11) Left menu - appearance and administration

In the video manual, we will set the appearance of the left menu on the product page together. In the administration section we will show you how to navigate in the left menu category in the online store administration.

Categories of Left menu you can find under

Content / Categories / Left menu

12) Filtr - vzhled a administrace

In the latest video on Designer, we'll show you how to adjust the look of a filter. In the administration section, we'll explore the filter tab options and show you how to work in the filters section. It can be found in

Settings / Content / Filters