Set up the look of your online store simply and quickly in the administration so it will suits your business needs. You do not need any special knowledge in programming and creating store graphics.

Designer features

You can select a graphic theme from a wide offer or set a default template.

Basic interface

Insert the e-shop logo and favicon (icon in the browser tab).

Logo and favicon

Create a single color style based on the primary and complementary color settings. Graphic elements are made of the primary color. A complementary color is used for conversion elements. Color matching can be based on logo color.

Collor settings

Grayscale (especially in the graphics section) is added to the primary and complementary color. This setting is used when the primary color is too high. Colors will not make a disturbing impression, while the e-shop will not lose its vivacity.

Collor settings - Grey shades

  • Font Type - Choosing from a Preset Font Menu or Customing Option from Google Fonts . Set different font type for titles. 
  • Font size.                   
  • Lines                   
  • Header-to-text ratio ratio                 
  • Headline Style - Slim, Normal, Bold


Within a single style, it is possible to customize the borders of the graphic elements to fit the corporate style.         

  • Rounding - Adjusting Edge Radius.
  • Style - Full, dotted, dotted line.                 
  • Thickness - Borderline Thickness in pixels.          
  • Shadowing - Shading or lightening the borderline color.


Shadow settings for selected elements. They will optically come to the fore and the graphics will get depth.

Other settings - shadows

Graphic relief settings for selected elements (such as buttons, headers, etc.). Elements will look like plastic.

Other settings - plasticity of buttons

Do you like spacious graphics or you like to save each pixel to get the customer as close as possible to one screen? Within a single style, you can set the size of the spacing between individual parts of the graphic.

Other settings - content compression

Lay the structure of the e-shop so that it best suits your sales way. Select preset components to choose the most appropriate one. If you have not chosen, please contact our technical support .

Setting options:                 

  • Basic layout - Setting the e-shop structure into columns
  • Page layout - For example, main page, product list, product detail, info page, etc.          
  • Component Layout - They consist of pages. E.g. e-shop header, product list, banners, headlines, etc.       

You have selected components, so you can customize their look to suit your needs.              

For example, you want to have an inverse color menu in the header and the rest in white.

Color options:                     

  • White                 
  • White with borders                  
  • Default (lighter base color variants)              
  • Primary (optional color)                           
  • Inverse (Primary Color)                         

In addition to coloring, we also offer alignment options, inserting a background image, and many other useful tools in selected components.

Backup of graphics. You can restore graphics at any time.

Basic interface - backups

  • Test responsivity:
    • mobile,
    • tablet,
    • desktop.
  • Display Content:
    • with test content,
    • with custom content.

Basic interface - module view